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We have just one goal, that is to help students Kindergarten to 12th grade achieve level and accelerated competency in reading and math through one-on-one attention; with a step-by-step curriculum

Excellent Leadership

Dr. Bennett is responsible for providing academic leadership and establishing effective communication to achieve the mission of accommodating students’ success with quality teaching. Dr. Bennett has also provided tutoring services in multiple subject areas for a number of years.

Comprehension, Spelling and Reading

Beginning reading instruction is an essential part of the kindergarten classroom.
We focus on the essential pillars of reading which are phonics, phonemic awareness, and reading comprehension.

Multiple Methods of Instruction

We believe every child is unique, so each of them have their new ways of learning and that is why we use multiple methods of reading instruction to support every child.

Kindergarten to 12 Grade Educational Service For Every Kid

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